Brigand's Nights

  • 17/07/2017
  • 1028

The festival the Brigante Nights, Organized by Fontevecchia, it celebrates the seventh anniversary with the year 2017. The event will be held, as usual, on the first weekend of August and will be full of exhibitions, readings, concerts, book presentations and theater with an eye also the promotion of local products from Abruzzo. The date is August 4 to 6 in Spoltore, Five minutes from the beaches of Pescara, at Case Troiano, a village in the XVII century and home to many cultural initiatives related to knowledge and folklore. The 2017 edition provides two anthologies: the first of the Master Antonio Matarazzowho has created a series of large watercolors that have as their theme the robbers and their clothes; the second by Massimo Carulli, author of "Tumass" the first comic created by the adaptation of a play that talks about robbers. The area books It will be attended by Elsa Flacco with its A palm and a half underground, story of a trial for robbery with Mario Cimini, one of the greatest connoisseurs and scholars of the University of Chieti-Pescara D'Annunzio Annunzio and responsible Banditry the necklace publisher Rocco Carabba Lanciano, one of the oldest in Italy. The event will also take part Valentino Romano, Mimmo Sambuco, the great-grandson of John Fante writer, Vincenzo Gulì, Andrea and Francesco Perciato Innella State Archives of Salerno, the publisher Vincenzo D'Amico who will present the book "The Neapolitan question" of Eugenio Di Rienzo, professor of the La Sapienza University in Rome, Massimo Carulli with his comic "Down with the Northern League," Magdi Allam who will talk about his relationship with Oriana Fallaci and Fernando Riccardi. Presentation and discussion will be moderated by Antonello De Bernardinis, the director of the State of Chieti which houses the "Fund Bourbon" the most important along with that of Naples, Carlangelo Chiarandà, Licio Di Biase, Director of dell'Aurum and Luigi Ferraiuolo Tv2000. Nights of Brigante offers, as always,a series of Neapolitan classical music concerts by Master Gennaro Torch that will accompany on piano, presentations of books in the conference area, the acoustic performances of Andrea Perciato from Salerno, and a concert every night: I Briganti Majella with popular repertoire Abruzzo, Friday, August 4 , the Ripatemare for a long night of pinches, Saturday, Aug. 5, and finally Na Fjata for the night of the tarantula, stings and folk songs, Saturday, August 6.Throughout the duration of the festival there will be the opportunity to visit the small museum of peasant art and traditions housed in the village, the collection of coins and documents of the Kingdom of Naples and the Two Sicilies with a guide; Furthermoretwo camps will be reconstructed: one army Bourbon, and the other of the Republic of Venice with one even space for a felonious bivouac and a bonfire, which lit every evening, will see the presence of the participants to the "oath of the bandit": the moment awaited by large and old. All the appointments that make up the event are absolutely free, including visits.The village is also home to a small church, the Holy Trinity ensure that the celebration of Mass in the Tridentine rite with the presence of a "Guard of honor" It composed by characters in the Two Sicilies soldiers clothing. Nights of Brigante is a festival and, at the same time, historical re-enactment which has occupied space in the Italian much to enjoy sponsored by the Mibact, The Ministry of Culture and the Council of Ministers together with the Pescarabruzzo Foundation, Regione Abruzzo, Province of Pescara and Chieti, Chieti State Archives and Salerno and several municipalities including that of Spoltore that houses it. An event which crowns a year of initiatives to promote the area and which will also see the participation of two foreign delegations: one German and one Norwegian. "An event that is the flagship of our association and for the territory - explain the representatives of Fontevecchia - A programming that begins in September of the previous year with the contacts with publishers, authors, artists. A lot of work if you think it only for guests and staff are served, in three days, about 300 meals, a figure that makes good organizational effort. A festival that has no regrets about the greatness of the past but, on the contrary, enhances, looking to the future". and the theme This seventh edition, in fact, is precisely "The future of the South" ie the ambition to address and educate to a possible development and aware Centrosud all regions of Italy. An important place in this process, is occupied byagricultural production and to promote the typicalitythat will be proposed to the public every night. strictly organic foods and zero kilometer, purchased from local producers, just to give an example of possible future and a sustainable and profitable development. The organization has always been sensitive to the issue of security also makes use of the medical and health rescue service, in case of necessity, the Brotherhood of Mercy.

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The committee for the establishment of the Fontevecchia Association was formed in 2010 and is an active part of civil society with interventions relating to the environment, mobility, knowledge and integration. The purpose of the association, in addition to the protection of traditions, the territory and the aesthetic redevelopment of the village born in 1600, is articulated on a wide range of interventions.