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The owner of the data acquired through this site is Associazione Fontevecchia based in Spoltore (Pe) at whose contact details can be requested all relevant information.

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You may contact the data controller also predicted by e-mail in order to achieve any further information on the treatment performed as well as exercise the rights recognized by the EU Regulation 16/679. It invites every interested party to take cognizance of the contents mentioned in the privacy policy of this site.

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Through these site some third-party cookies are installed, even profiling, which are activated by clicking "ok" on the banner. It is cookie related to: monitoring of visits to the site: it uses the Google Analytics tool to collect data on the navigation of the site by users. This is useful information to see what works and what should be improved. They allow, for example, to know which are the most visited pages, how long it lasts on average a visit to the site, etc. The information collected in this way are all strictly in an aggregated and anonymous, not attributable to individuals. The data generated by Google Analytics are stored by Google with the camera mode specified in the following statement: To consult the privacy policy of the company Google Inc. , owner of the independent processing of data relating to the Google Analytics service, visit Google provides an add-on for your browser that lets you disable Google Analytics, available online at interaction with social networks: These are third-party tools that display modes of interaction with social networks. For example, the systems sharing of content on Facebook and Twitter: cookies in this case are necessary for the operation of the sharing mechanism. Below we list the links to the cookie policy of the major social networks Twitter Google (Google+, Youtube) The processing of personal data resulting from the activation of third-party cookies is not the holder's competence. For information and to disable profiling cookies supplied by third parties on the site go

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Except for the technical cookies needed to normal navigation, the transfer of the relevant consent to the activation of third-party cookies are left to the will decides to browse the site after taking a short read the information contained in the appropriate banner and to use the services require the installation of cookies and can be revoked at any time as set out above. For the disabled or withdrawal of consent for cookies third party is encouraged to refer to the related link above. In addition to using the tools provided by the browser to enable or disable individual cookies inform you that the site lists the major providers who work with website managers to collect and use information to the fruition of advertising behavioral. You can disable or enable any company or alternatively adjust the preferences individually for each company. To do this you can use the available tool in page to review the preferences on the active behavioral advertising on their device.

"How to disable cookies from Internet Explorer"

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  6. Select Done.

About Us

The committee for the establishment of the Fontevecchia Association was formed in 2010 and is an active part of civil society with interventions relating to the environment, mobility, knowledge and integration. The purpose of the association, in addition to the protection of traditions, the territory and the aesthetic redevelopment of the village born in 1600, is articulated on a wide range of interventions.