The Committee for the establishment of 'Association Fontevecchia formed in 2010 and is an active part of civil society with action on the environment, mobility, knowledge and integration.

The association, in 2011, the residents of the ancient desire Borgo Case Troiano of Spoltore (Pescara), comes to life with legal registration of incorporation and bylaws.

The purpose of the association, as well as the protection of traditions, the territory and the aesthetics of the village redevelopment born in 1600, It is articulated on a wide range of interventions: Reserved free workshops for students of primary and secondary on the cycle of wheat and bread, olive cultivation and olive oil tasting course with courses conducted by leading panel in Europe. And again: historical conferences, both as organizers and speakers, book presentations and events for the dissemination of popular knowledge.

The association organizes the reenactment festival "the Brigante Nights"Guests with national caliber and groups in historical clothing from all over the peninsula by fostering debate on the future of the regions within the European family. Fontevecchia is also active in the field of 'social inclusion with inclusive and anti-discrimination initiatives dedicated to social categories particularly vulnerable to a disadvantage in society.

The association does not enjoy public funding: Efforts are made by the will, resources, passion and expertise of members who provide the company its own knowledge and the most precious resource: time.

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