Agricultural tools

The Fontevecchia Association has in its mission the preservation of rural traditions.

Among them also the recovery and restoration of agricultural tools.

In 2009, residents of the village, decided to begin a census of the tools used by their ancestors.

After a careful restoration and recovery shall be returned to its original splendor, lawn mower Laverda Model 48 / A of 1934 used for cutting grass, hay and grain, flour rastrellafieno model in 1928 which served to the harvesting of hay cut and left on the field, the drill model Sima 7 discs of 1938 and the beautiful farm wagon made by carpenters entirely in oak and hauled by oxen.

The work was long and precision metal tools that have been completely cleaned and repainted with the colors of the time by hand.

Greater difficulty and effort required the wagon that was first washed then brushed refreshed with warm water, treated with ten liters of anti-moth and five gallons of stain neutral.

The cost of the four tools restauro was around 5.000,00 euros, entirely covered with funds of the Fontevecchia Association.

The tools are on display, access is free, but you must book a visit. 

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About Us

The committee for the establishment of the Fontevecchia Association was formed in 2010 and is an active part of civil society with interventions relating to the environment, mobility, knowledge and integration. The purpose of the association, in addition to the protection of traditions, the territory and the aesthetic redevelopment of the village born in 1600, is articulated on a wide range of interventions.