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Waiting Nights of Brigante


An experiential event in the center of the historic village of Spoltore. IS' "Spoltore, Borgo dei Briganti - Waiting Nights of Brigante"And will take place Saturday, June 3, 2017 beginning at 17.30 in the picturesque scenery of Largo della Porta as part of 'Abruzzo Open Day Summer 2017. It is a real journey through history, music, culture and food that will be transformed in SpoltoreCity of Taste and Health.

The event will start at 17.30 on Saturday 3rd June with Show of traditional costumes of the Brigands. It is exposure to faithfully reconstructed costumes than the original period and certified, with the study of the fabrics used, in order to ensure the absolute purity, for a perfect reconstruction of what the robbers were wearing, men and women.

At the same time, it will be inaugurated Art Exhibition on BrigantiWith the exposition of the works Maestro Antonio MatarazzoThat the issue has dedicated a Retrospective, paintings depicting the exploits and the harshness of life of those who had chosen a life of leaks and caves where shelter. These works show the robbers posing with their clothes and their guns. To make it even more vivid experience, the presence of a robber, also with original clothes and with his gun to illustrate the operation.

Immediately after the start Course sensory analysis of olive oil held by Professor Marino Giorgetti, The highest authority in the field, which will expose to the public the secrets to recognize the organoleptic qualities of the extra virgin olive oil and also the methodologies for the proper storage and use of the product.

Mayor of Spoltore and Mayor of power with Michelina Di Cesare

The journey into the world of food will continue with health food prepared by the students of 'Hotel Institute IPSSAR 'De Cecco', Guided by Chief Maurizio Tricca, Who will present the perfect combination of taste and healthy cuisine, using the first of spoltoresi earths, with an eye to the kitchen at the time of the robbers. On the relationship between food, health and prevention will be theProfessor Marco Lombardo, President of Lilt unlock the secrets of proper nutrition can prevent disease.

The art space is open to actress Rossella Micolitti and the reading of the story of "Brigante Leonzio"Stefano Angelucci Marino del Sangro Theater; a passionate affair, ironic, bitter at the same time, it will be transported in the historic village of Spoltore, with a touch of modernity without losing life the thread of the story.

And after the theater? the upbeat music space, beautiful and popular withConcert of the 'Maiella Briganti': A time of folk tradition in which will be repeated much of the popular Abruzzese repertoire, accompanied by traditional instruments and traditional dances for the public's involvement. The event is organized by 'Association Fontevecchia in partnership with DMC Lands of Pleasure is Abruzzo Region as part of 'Abruzzo Open Day Summer 2017 and it is sponsored by the City of Spoltore and of Province of Pescara.


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The committee for the establishment of the Fontevecchia Association was formed in 2010 and is an active part of civil society with interventions relating to the environment, mobility, knowledge and integration. The purpose of the association, in addition to the protection of traditions, the territory and the aesthetic redevelopment of the village born in 1600, is articulated on a wide range of interventions.