PALM SUNDAY-Holy Mass in the ancient rite

  • 04/04/2017
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SS. TRINITY 'homes Troiano of Spoltore (Pe)

  Sunday, April 9, 2017 at h. 17,00

Sunday, April 9 to 17 will be celebrated Mass tradition, by the association Blessed Marco d'Aviano, in SS. Trinity Homes Troiano of Spoltore (Pe - motor area) in collaboration with the Association Fontevecchia.
On this day Church commemorates the triumphal entry Jesus a Jerusalem riding a ass, lauded from the crowd that greeted him waving branches palm (12.12 to 15). The crowd, gathered by the arrival of Jesus rumors, spread on the floor cloaks, while others cut branches from the trees around, and shaking the festively made honor.
Palm Sunday preceding the Easter and with it, it begins Holy Week but it does not end the Lent that will end only with the time of the celebration of the ninth Holy thursday, The day when they will begin the sacred Easter Triduum.
In the ordinary form of the Roman rite It is also called Sunday De Passione Domini(Passion of the Lord). Inextraordinary form there Sunday of passion It is celebrated a week before, so the Palm Sunday is also called "second Sunday of the Passion".
In memory of this, the Palm Sunday liturgy takes place starting from a place outside the church where the faithful gather and the priest blesses the branches of olive or palm which are brought by the faithful, then begins the processioneven into the church. Here joints continues the celebration ofmasswith the long reading of the Passion of Jesus. The story of the Passion is read by three persons who take the part of Christ (read by the priest), the reporter and the people. This Sunday the priest, as opposed to all other Lent, except onfourth you can wear vestments pink, Dressed in red.
Generally people bring home the olive branches and palm blessed, to keep as a symbol of peace, by swapping part with family and friendly people. Here in Abruzzo, you use that householders use a stick, dipped in 'holy water during the Easter Vigil, to bless the table prepared on Easter Day or an olive branch blessed to be planted in the garden of the house while the previous year palma benedetta is burned in the fireplace as soon as it comes into the house of the 'Current year.
In Gospel according to Saint John: 12.12 to 15, It is said that people have just used palm branches which, according to many commentaries, are a symbol of triumph, cheer and royalty. It seems that the olive branches, of which the Gospels do not speak, have been introduced in the popular tradition, due to the scarcity of palm plants present, especially in Italy. An ancientantiphon Gregorian He sings: "Pueri Hebraeorum portantes ramos olivarum obviaverunt Domino" "Young Jews went to meet the Lord carrying olive branches."

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