Press release Fontevecchia Association on delivery 'Caps of solidarity' to the Mercy of Pescara

  • 28/12/2020
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As many as 210 kilos of  plastic caps, contained in 52  bins and 5  knockers:these are those delivered, as pertradition, by the Fontevecchia cultural association of Spoltore to the Brotherhood of Mercy of Pescara, to contribute to the collection that, this year, will allow the purchase of a lift destined for the Hospice of Pescara and a contribution to support the activities of the same Association of Mercy. To welcome the precious cargo, on Christmas Eve, in the headquarters of Via delle Fornaci were the volunteers of Mercy,with Guido Di Carlo, alias 'nonno  Tappo', with the municipal councillor Berardino Fiorilli, historical partner of Mercy and member of the Board that ended its mandate a few days ago, the mayor of Pescara Carlo Masci and the acting governor-President of the College of Probiviri Lina Scarpone.

"The spirit and social mission of  the  Fontevecchia Association - recalled president Luciano Troiano - are to recover the most authentic traditions of our luoghi, ma not only that: our Association during the year also carries out other initiatives of solidarity and support towards those who are going through a difficult moment in their lives, a disease, a  disagreement,an economicdiscomfort, as demonstrated by our twinning with  Lilt,the Italian League against Cancer, always present at our events to disseminate the policy of cancer prevention. And this year in which the pandemic from Sars-Covid-19 has literally overwhelmed and disrupted our existences, in fact also determining the inevitable cancellation of all the events that have traditionally marked the passing of the months and seasons, our social mission has been strengthened even more, allowing us to multiply our commitment and double the collection of the caps of solidarity, while collecting the energies of three provinces, Pescara, Chieti and Teramo, of associations and private companies, to make    our contribution to the activity of the Misericordia di Pescara with which this year we will buy a stretcher-bed lifter for the Hospiceof the Civil Hospital of Pescara and allocate the remaining sum as a contribution for the purchase of useful equipment to the same Mercy that will distribute them on the three provinces". "Seeing the Associations of the territory and our province, working in support of those who are suffering most, not only for Covid-19, but also for other forms of social weakness or fragility, is a joy for the heart - commented Mayor Masci - and above  all it shows the great spirit of solidarity that has always characterized our Abruzzo, where work is being done so that no one is left behind. Above all, once again we testify to the importance of third sector associations in support of the activities of the institutions".  "For the fifth consecutive year - added the municipal councillor and partner Misericordia Fiorilli - the partnership between Misericordia and the Fontevecchia Association is renewed,united in carrying out a project, conceivedby our volunteer 'grandfather Tappo-Guido Di Carlo' that allows us to bring solidarity to the places where it is most needed. The purchase of the lifter, in this case, will guarantee the Hospice extra equipment to help the patient to move from a stretcher to the bed and vice versa, therefore a small tool useful however to facilitate the life of those who are going through a difficult time". The 'Blessed Marco D'Aviano' Association contributed to the collection of the 210 kilos of caps for 2020, the B&B The Bed of Pescara, the restaurant 'Farina del mio Sacco' of Montesilvano,  the Association 'Walking Together' of Chieti with Antonio Martorella and  Fernando  Di Primio,Renato Manzo, Daniele Sabatini,  with  the little Paolo present atthe delivery, and Giovanni Simeone,  José Alberto Palestini and Gabriella Ricci,Rossella and Giovanni Gentile of San Giovanni Teatino, Luciana  Pecorale and Maria Carmela Sardini of Spoltore, Lina  Bufarale of Pescara, the National Bersaglieri Association of Pescara, the Volunteers of the Universal Civil Service Asp 2 of Atri Genni Ardito, Mattia Cervoni, Deborah Marcone, Martina  Piccinella and Lara Degl'Innocenti, the volunteers of the Lilt-Italian League Against Cancer fighting withvice-president Milena  Grosoli.

Grateful for the attention, there are distinguished greetings

Spoltore, 26  December  2020

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