The Pulcinella of Fontevecchia on the calendar "Napoli to Discover"

  • 29/11/2019
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The Pulcinella di Fontevecchia on the calendar "Napoli to Discover" 

Organized by Insurgent Identity and SPIFF Creation

On Friday, December 13th at 5 pm, in the foyer of the Teatro Bellini, in Via Conte di Ruvo 14 in Naples, will be presented the 2020 calendar "Napoli to Discover" by the artist Andrea Maresca of Spiff Creation where are also illustrated the colorful Pulcinella of the Association Old source. The event will be conducted by Lucilla Parlato director of the newspaper Identity Insurgent and Valentina Castellano.

Also this year Andrea Maresca, aka SPIFF Creation has created his very personal calendar, always animated by his poetic characters, mermaids and chicks full of life and color. "Napoli to discover" is the title we wanted to give him because this is the theme of this poetic and unique calendar in the sign of identity and recovery of stories forgotten or to be rediscovered. They go from the feast of St. Anthony Abbot, in January, which still takes place between the village of the same name and via Foria, with the blessing of the animals and the fireocarazzi at the carnival at the Plebiscite, complete with Abruzzesnella Abruzzesi peeping - recently seen in the center historic Naples - at the forgotten feast of St. Joseph that occupied all via Monteoliveto and via Medina and where birds and toys were sold for children. And then again the legend of the pastry with protagonist, of course, Parthenon, in April. O Era de Maggio designed... May. And again June with the water banks suffregna and July with the fire of the bell tower of Carmine, which maybe in 2020 will return to illuminate the area of the Market. And again the Piedigrotta and the Apple Warehouses (entrepreneurial example all Neapolitan and never forgotten), the cascettelle of the dead and finally St. Gregory Armenian... the tables will all be exhibited for the occasion with captions by Lucilla Parlato and Valentina Castellano that will explain Spiff's choices, behind which there is also a great work of recovery and research, month by month.

The appointment is on December 13 from 5 p.m. in the Foyer of the Teatro Bellini in Naples, via Conte di Ruvo 14. We're waiting for you!

Teatro Bellini in Naples - via Conte di Ruvo 14

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