Fontevecchia at Briganti Camp

Friday 30 August – Caspoli (Ce) 

On Friday, August 30, Fontevecchia will be in Caspoli di Mignano Montelungo, in the province of Caserta, for the tenth edition of the brigandage exhibition "The Camp of the Brigadiers" organized by the association Museum Historicus. 

For this tenth edition, the organization articulated the day with a traveling conference that will retrace the ways of the robbers going to the places where they lived and acted. 

The day includes the ruduno at the museum at 5 p.m., the departure at 17.30 for the homes of the robbers Alessandro Pace, Giacomo Ciccone and Michelina Di Cesare. Fernando Riccardi, a historian and journalist, who is already a guest of Nights of the Brigante –Festival! in Fontevecchia, Mauro Zambardi, historian and Michaela Di Cesare, Canadian actress and researcher. 

At 7 pm it is planned to arrive in the house of Michelina Di Cesare where there will be the intervention of Luciano Troiano, journalist, followed by the theatrical piece of the Briganti del Cartore. At 20.15 the closure of the works will be held in the Historicus Museum. 

Info for departures from Pescara: 331/6796820 

Info for Caspoli di Mignano: 349/0066381 

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