Fontevecchia participates in the inauguration of the plaque of the fallen of the world wars

Saturday August 24th at 7pm , in the Santa Teresa di Spoltore (Pe) area, the Fontevecchia Association will participate in all 'inauguration of the marble plaque in memory of the fallen of the two world wars by the Pescara section of the National Combatants and Veterans Association.
 Case Troiano di Spoltore, where Fontevecchia is located, paid a lot of blood during the two conflicts. The names, made immortal by the sacrifice, are carved to remain in everyone's memory, on the plaque affixed to the walls of the church of San Panfilo in Spoltore.
Fontevecchia received the welcome invitation from Carlo Cipriani , responsible for ANCR of Pescara and will participate by offering a wreath and bringing the greeting of the veteran of the war campaign 1941-1943 Ser. (R) Mario Troiano that today, at 98, preserves the indelible memories of the atrocities and sufferings of the battles in Sicily.

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