Biodynamic agriculture: Italian agricultural heritage

  • 20/03/2019
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Biodynamic agriculture:
Italian agricultural heritage


Tuesday, March 26, the national headquarters of Coldiretti,
Via XXIV Maggio n. 43, Palazzo Rospigliosi, Rome

In collaboration with Coldiretti


15:30| registration

4:00 pm| Home


Dott. Carlo Triarico, President of the Association for Biodynamic Agriculture.
"What really is biodynamic agriculture"

Dott. Enrico Amico, Entrepreneur and President Italian Consortium Biodynamic Farms
"Entrepreneurship with modern for Italian agribusiness branches"

Prof. Briguglio Filippo, Professor of Institutions of Roman Law, Faculty of Law, University of Bologna
"Fundamentals of European law: biodynamic agriculture"

Prof. Stefano machines, Area Manager Environment and Territory of Coldiretti
"The role of certified biodynamic agriculture: technical standards and guiding principles"

Hon. Franco Manzato, Undersecretary of State at the Ministry for Agriculture, Food, Forestry and Tourism

Moderator: Tonia Cartolano, Journalist

17:30| Conclusions

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