Lu Sant'Andonje

  • 11/01/2018
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'Lu Sant'Andonje'

Sunday, January 21, 2018, 17:00

Borgo Case Troiano of Spoltore

The eternal struggle of Sant'Antonio that, countering the temptations, the devil wins, accompanied by traditional songs, will resume in the scenario of life Borgo Case Troiano of Spoltore (Motorization Pe-zone) that, Sunday, January 21 beginning at 17 hours, Will celebrate the 'eighth edition of the representation, Between the traditional blessing of the fire, of the loaves and animals, dogs, cats, and pigs brought by those present for the annual event.

The initiative, organized by Fontevecchia, will take place with the presence and collaboration of Group Sant'Antonio dell'Acli Scafa (PE) and of I Briganti Majella.

"Revival of an event that is part of our roots and of our memory, but that in many cases you are missing - said the president of Fontevecchia Luciano Troiano -. Our goal is the restoration and preservation jealous of those traditions and those calendrical festivals in the last century marked the life of our grandparents".
To open the celebrations will be an exhibition of typical Abruzzo wool blankets, white and brown or amaranth: the tarantine as produced in Taranta Peligna together with the staging of 'devotional altar dedicated to St. Anthony where the image of the saint will be surrounded by oranges, collected Cillitte shaft specially planted, and candles. So there will be aPopular altar blessing which will take part in the procession with baskets of bread, oranges, blankets processional led by the candles.
Immediately after there will be the Holy Mass in the church Holy Trinity, Followed by the distribution between the present, which is consumed just in today's day in honor of the saint. Immediately after there will be theblessing of fire, The first of four of the calendrical parties, prepared by volunteers Association with branches, twigs, brambles, branches and dried reeds, all material coming from the gardens and fields that will form a true pyramid covered with branches of laurel.
Tradition has it that the flames of the fire our grandparents ritrovassero images that, somehow, They gave a prediction of what would have successive seasons in terms of luck or less in crops, and also this year everyone can scrutinize between the fire flaps.
Immediately after there will be the blessing of the animals then start the representation of St. Anthony temptations edited by Group Sant'Antonio ACLI Scafa (PE), accompanied by The chants de Briganti Majella, Guided by the 'ddu' bbotte 'and' vurra vurra "of the company.
It will also present a Delegation of pipers association Bagpipers Soul of Villanova Cepagatti (Pe).
A pantomime tracing the fight against the devils of St. Anthony that, between temptation and oppression, however, will come out defeated by Saint and by the archangel Michael: a representation that, every year, attracts many people who are rediscovering a part of our history.
To close the evening there will be Distribution de Lu'complimend ', Or hot red wine with spices and cillitt them ', typical cake in the shape of bird made with grape jam filling.

Attached: event program (pdf)

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