"The Procession of the Dead Friars and Lost Souls" in Naples

  • 03/11/2017
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He arrives in Naples, for the first year, the 'Procession of the Dead and the Friars of Lost Souls' Association promoted Fontevecchia of Spoltore, in the province of Pescara, and will see the collaboration of two associations Neapolitan, I of Naples Seats and Fantasie d 'Epoca. The event will take place Saturday, November 11 in the historic center of Naples, with a procession that, starting from 10.30 am onwards, will parade, alongside each other, the 'Friars Dead', followed by figures in traditional dress Abruzzo , the Association teatina 'Walking Together' and the nineteenth-century Neapolitan costumes, accompanied by Bagpipes Abruzzo '. The initiative was presented at a press conference in Pescara, in the headquarters of the province, Fontevecchia Association and the Mayor of Spoltore Luciano Di Lorito, who will be personally present in Naples in the delegation of 51 people.
"For our Association is a pride and an honor to have been able to forge a partnership of such importance with the Association de 'I of Naples seats' and to bring in Naples a part of our tradition of Abruzzo, which is part of the common heritage the entire south-central, culture, tradition and faith - said the president of Fontevecchia Luciano Troiano-. For years we were able to recover the cult of the dead, which is very different from the pagan and esoteric traits Halloween celebration, on our territory where the night between the first and November 2 will conduct 'The Table of the Dead', the evocation of ' ancient custom of our grandparents and great-grandparents to leave, in that very night, the boards of its laden houses, for Sunday lunch or party to welcome with full honors fleeting return of the souls of deceased loved ones who, according to tradition, they have the opportunity to come back, just for that brief moment between midnight and dawn, in their own homes to revise their loved ones asleep. At the rite of the laid table are then twisted a series of symbolic rituals, including the 'Procession of the dead Friars' three live and three deaths, and FIG de lu' mazzamurille, a sprite mischievous who took the live game and that we find also in the Neapolitan tradition. And we will bring in Naples on November 11 the Procession of the Dead and the Friars of Lost Souls ". The event will start at 10:30 from the Basilica of Santa Chiara, and the procession will pass through Spaccanapoli, wide body of Naples, via Pendino (Jesus Old), San Gregorio Armeno, which is the way of the cribs until reaching in Piazza San Gaetano in crypt of the Brotherhood of 'the Trawler' where to host the event will be the Deputy of the Most Excellent Deputation of the Chapel of the Treasure of San Gennaro, Marchese Pierluigi Sanfelice Bagnoli and the president of the Observatory Center of UNESCO Old City of Naples, Elena Coccia .
The event will conclude with the presentation of the book 'Do bbene of Anime' or Priatorio 'Giuseppe Serroni, president of the Naples seats, which also followed throughout the event planning stages in place through the Conference of Services with the City of Naples and the civil Defense. At the presentation of the precious and valuable volume there will be the Director of Editrice Italian Dominican, Father Giuseppe Piccinno while the Brotherhood of the Holy Cross, called 'The trawler', there will be the Superior Luciano Iovinelli who will explain the aims and care tools the dead in Terresante ". Media-partner of the event will be the online newspaper Identity insurgents who will perform the live event. "The event - added those responsible for Fontevecchia - sugella an important partnership with Naples and its cultural associations, aimed at recovering those common traditions in the center-south and are now at risk of being lost." At Neapolitan trip will also take part the mayor of Spoltore (Pe) Luciano Di Lorito: "Once again the Fontevecchia Association gives to our area definitely a unique cultural gem in Abruzzo, Spoltore that projects well beyond the region, clutching a major report with an absolutely outstanding value city like Naples and its Institutions and Associations. For this reason I felt it was important to be personally present in my institutional role in order to represent the name of Abruzzo in a beautiful city, with its extraordinary culture, which is the heritage of the whole country. "

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