Delivery 'Solidarity caps' to the Misericordia of Pescara

  • 20/12/2022
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Press Release Association Fontevecchia on Delivery 'Solidarity caps' to the Misericordia di Pescara

As many as 100 containers, between envelopes and bins, full of 600 kilos of plastic caps were delivered, as per tradition, by the Fontevecchia Cultural Association of Spoltore to the Confraternity of the Mercy of Pescara, to contribute to the collection which, during the course of the Year, it will allow the purchase of the wheelchairs to be allocated to the various departments of the Civil Hospital of Pescara, of defibrillators for schools and companies and other emergency health facilities. To welcome the precious Christmas load, at the headquarters in via delle Fornaci, were the volunteers of Misericordia, with Guido Di Carlo, aka 'grandfather cap', with the vice -president of the city council Berardino Fiorilli, historical partner of Misericordia, the mayor of Pescara Carlo Masci, the city councilor delegated to the culture of the Municipality of Spoltore Angela Scurti, the municipal councilor of Pescara Alessio Di Pasquale, the governor of Misericordia Cristina D'Angelo with the board and the numerous volunteers of the two associations, as well as some citizens who have contributed to the collection.

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"The spirit and social mission of the Fontevecchia Association - recalled President Luciano Troiano - are to recover the most authentic traditions of our places, but not only: our association during the year also carries on other solidarity initiatives and support against those who are going through a difficult moment of their life, a disease, an economic discomfort. And every year the spirit of solidarity is growing around our association that allowed us, also in the 2022 edition, to multiply our commitment and further increase the collection of solidarity caps to make our contribution to the activity of the Misericordia of Pescara with Which this year will once again buy wheelchairs for healthcare facilities and defibrillators. In 2020 we had collected 210 kilos of plastic caps, in 2021 we went up to 300 kilos, this year we went up to 600 kilos distributed in 100 containers ". "For the seventh consecutive year-added the city councilor and partner Misericordia Fiorilli-the partnership between Mercy and the Associazione Fontevecchia is renewed, joined in carrying out a project, conceived by our volunteer 'grandfather cap-guidal of Carlo' that It allows us to bring the Image Description solidarity in places where there is more need ". The 'Blessed Association' Blessed Marco D'Aviano 'by Renato and Patrizia Manzo, the' Pescara Association 'Association with the President Mattia Cervoni, the B&B The Bed of Pescara, contributed to the collection of the 600 kilos of caps for 2022 'Farina Del Sacco' Restaurant in Montesilvano, the 'Walking together' association of Chieti with Antonio Martorella and Patrizia Bottini, the B&B the Garden of Pescara, the California pizzeria in Pescara, and then many private individuals including Dr. Mario Sciarretta, Daniele Sabatini, Maria Carmela Sardini of Spoltore, Giovanni and Michela Simeone, Josè Alberto Palestini and Gabriella Ricci, Lina Bufaral of Pescara, the National Association of the Bersaglieri of Pescara, the volunteers of the Italian Lilt-Lega Fight against cancers with the vice president Milena Grosoli , Alan D'Orazio, Gianpiero and Silvia Iezzi.

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