The collection of plastic caps organized by the Fontevecchia Association continues.

The traditional collection of plastic caps organized by the Fontevecchia Association continues. The caps will be delivered, at the end of the year, to the Mercy of Pescara which, with the proceeds of their sale to the consortium that deals with the recovery of plastic products, will buy health care to be donated to schools and hospitals in the territory.

In 2019, thanks to the social network of the Fontevecchia Association, more than 100 kilos of material collected in 27 "boccioni" previously used for the transport of water were donated: a fine example of recycling, nature conservation and the protection of environmental resources.

This year, despite the events related to the Covid-19 virus outbreak, we have been able to fill already twenty containers. The aim, of course, is to match last year's quantity and, indeed, exceed it.

Therefore, seven "bottles" of caps are missing from the appeal and, we are sure, that with the commitment of all we will succeed!

Over the years, thanks to this collection, we have been able to donate two defibrillators to high schools in Pescara and province and two prams for non-walkers, one to the civil hospital in Pescara and the other to the nosocomium of Teramo in a sign of solidarity with a structure and with the population that had fallen victim to the recent earthquake.

In short, it is a beautiful competition of solidarity that must see us all at work until next December 30th, the last date of harvest, and the day when we will load all the containers of the caps, to deliver them to the Mercy of Pescara. As always we will notify all those who collaborated to take a beautiful photo I remember that will remain on the album of the association and in the hearts of all involved.

It takes a shot to balance the amount of caps collected in 2019, more than a fifth, thanks to the contribution of many friends of Pescara, Chieti and their respective provinces, offices, schools and children: the latter very sensitive to the theme of solidarity and environmental protection. They are the example to follow for the attention dedicated to the issues that concern the weakest, the protection of nature and the intelligent reuse of products that, instead of ending up in the trash, can have a new life and even help to improve it to those in need.

We are waiting for you with your caps, one or many, at the headquarters of the Fontevecchia Association, in Vallecarbone No. 37 – a short walk from the motorization. For delivery you can call 331/6796820 and agree on the day and time. We are at your disposal as you, with this small gesture, are for the next.

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