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Press release of the Fontevecchia Association and the Municipality of Spoltore on today's delivery of 400 masks to the Pescara Hospital

There are 400 surgical masks donated today by the Fontevecchia Association and the Municipality of Spoltore to the General and Health Directorate of the Pescara Civil Hospital. The handover took place this morning by the city councillor Angela Scurti, President of the Culture Commission, also representing the mayor Luciano Di Lorito, and the President of the Association Fontevecchia Luciano Troiano, in the headquarters of the Directorate General of the 'Holy Spirit' in the presence of Director General Antonio Caponnetti and Health Director Valterio Fortunato.

"Today's donation stems from a joint initiative, promoted by the Cultural Association Fontevecchia and the municipal administration of Spoltore – explained President Troiano – who, for the last month of March, had promoted a visit to Naples, in the places that are the scene of the event 'The Procession of the Dead Fries' to open a moment of institutional meeting pre-event, which will also live its third edition next November. Unfortunately, the meeting was cancelled due to the explosion of the coronavirus emergency, and at that point, with the sum raised by the citizens who would have liked to participate in the initiative, we decided to carry out activities of solidarity and support to our territory to get out together from the health and economic emergency that still sees us, unfortunately, involuntary protagonists". In recent weeks the Fontevecchia Association and the municipality have donated food to the Caritas of Spoltore, products destined for families that, more than others, are experiencing the most dramatic consequences of the crisis generated by the Covid-19. Today, however, the spotlight has been on the health professionals "to those – said Councillor Scurti and President Troiano – who have lived on the front line of the war against coronavirus, doctors, nurses, social and health workers who have been and still are soldiers in the trenches against an invisible but very dangerous enemy, but also all those administrative employees of Asl who, behind the scenes, in front of a computer, still living and working inside the hospital complex, have allowed all administrative and bureaucratic procedures to go ahead every day, guaranteeing services not only to Covid patients, but also to all the thousands of people who are not-available every day. And today to those employees of the Asl Directorate we have handed over 400 mono-use surgical masks, a small tribute that wants to witness the immense gratitude that the territory and our city feel towards those who worked tirelessly to protect all of us, with an attachment to the commendable profession". To the Municipality of Spoltore and to the Fontevecchia Association, Director Caponnetti, with Director Fortunato, expressed the thanks of the hospital company "for a gesture that does not want to be a simple tribute to solidarity, but rather a tangible and participatory sign of the proximity of an entire territory to its hospital company, a sign that encourages us to move forward in the battle".

Grateful for the attention, distinct greetings arise

Spoltore, 08 June 2020

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