Social Year 2020

19 January h. 17.00 SANT'ANTONIO celebrations in honor of the saint with devotional altar, procession baskets with loaves, Mass. Mass, blessing of breads and animals, blessing of fire, exhibition of traditional Abruzzo blankets, representation of temptations by the group Li Sant'Andunjiare de la Ripa, free offer to all present of Lu Cumblimende. Seat

2 February h. 16.00 CANDELORA/SAN BIAGIO with St. Mass, devotional altar, taralli baskets, candles for the blessing of the throat. Seat

June 23 h. 18.00 THE NIGHT OF SAN GIOVANNI BATTISTA with St. John's Mass, devotional altar, procession in Abruzzo clothes, blessing of fire, fire jump, rite of comparison, exchange of the ramajetto, path of the fern, dinner of tradition with MAURIZIO PONTICELLO and ENZO OF PAOLI. Seat

July 31 – August 1 - 2 10th edition. Exhibitions, books, theatre, music, screenings, readings, meetings with authors, dances, songs and culture with historical re-enactments in period clothes, border place, excursions and free camping area. National guests. Seat

August 29 h. 19.00 FESTA IN THE traditional party with music and dinner for the associates and friends of the association Fontevecchia. Presentation of the book: Fontevecchia, 10 years together. Seat

1 November: h. 19.00 THE TAVOLA of morti visit in the houses of Borgo Case Troiano to discover the tables set for the deceased, popular altar of the Memento Mori, tales and stories of spirits, lu mazzamurille, the procession of dead friars, the pezzentelle souls, the refrigerium and offered to the participants of the Wheat of the Dead. Seat

7 November: h. 11.00 THE PROCESSION OF THE MORTI FRATI in the heart of the NAPOLI HISTORICAL CENTRE in Via San Gregorio Armenian, the street of the cribs, for the opening of Christmas Long Neapolitan.

November 15: h. 16.00 SAN MARTINO celebrations dedicated to tasting new oil with sensory analysis course, folk altar, devotional procession, presentation of books, cornucopia rite, Abruzzo folk music, workshop of sweets and traditional foods, Mass. Seat

8 December: h. 16.30 PRESEPE OF TERRACOTTA, S. Mass in honor of the Immaculate Conception, present the paws of the Gigli d'Abruzzo for the opening of the Christmas festivities, fire of the Immaculate. Seat

13 December: h. 19.00 CONCERT NATALIZIO and SOCIAL CENA of associates, family and friends of the Fontevecchia Association for the traditional exchange of Christmas greetings. Seat

During the year, members will be notified of the activity of conference and participation in the book presentations and cultural initiatives to which Fontevecchia is called.

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