San Martino dei Briganti in Borgo Case Troiano

  • 06/11/2019
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San Martino dei Briganti
in Borgo Case Troiano (Pe)

Sunday 17 November 2019 from h. 17

Uses, customs and rituals with tasting of new oil, new wine, traditional sweets and the music of bagpipes

Traditional music and songs with the presence of bagpipe players. And again: the hagiography of the life of San Martino in Abruzzo history as collected and told by historians Antonio De Nino and Gennaro Finamore with the texts present in the National Library of Florence. The figure of the saint in popular legends, the uses and rituals of Abruzzo to celebrate the saint.

And again: a course of tasting of extra virgin olive oil held by Marino Giorgetti, the highest authority in the field of sensory analysis, in which the secrets to recognize an extra virgin olive oil from the sophisticated or manufactured in the laboratory will be revealed.

Space will also be given to a seminar on seasonal products with a workshop open to all present to illustrate the ancient knowledge handed down from mother to daughter, from our grandmothers, to poor sweets such as "rivotiche" and "sgajuzze" by chef Maurizio Tricca, teacher of the hotel institute De Cecco and, finally, tasting of new wine together with the corn and raisin pizza, the docle of San Martino and the rite of breaking the Cornucopia symbol of abundance.

This and much more for the ninth meeting of the San Martino dei Briganti organized, as usual, by the Fontevecchia Association. The event will take place on Sunday 17 November in the hamlet Case Troiano di Spoltore (motorization area - Pe) starting at 17.30.

To open the event will be the workshop held by the members of Fontevecchia during which it will be taught how to make the poor sweets of San Martino including the cake that bears the name of the saint in whose mixture there is only cooked must instead of water. At 4 pm, the windows of the small village will be decorated with traditional Abruzzo, wool and silk blankets from San Leucio; then a small procession will take place towards the devotional altar of San Martino where the baskets and votive baskets will be placed. The celebration of the mass and the blessing of the gifts will follow. At the end of the function space will be given to Marino Giorgetti, the world's leading authority in the field of olive oil sensory analysis, who will talk about the 2019 olive oil campaign, showing tricks to recognize the sophistication of oils and tasting some extra virgin olive oils from the area. 

Then there will still be space for tradition with the popular music of the bagpipes of the maestro Matteo Di Marco from I Gigli d’Abruzzo.

At the end of the event a table will be prepared where all those present can participate in the rite of breaking the cornucopia and taste, for free, the oil and the new wine, the typical "rivotiche" wide pancakes made using water and flour, the sweet of San Martino for which the mixture is used the cooked must, the "sgajuzze" and the maize pizza with raisins: ancient rituals that will be illustrated to the participants.

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