Fontevecchia in Naples for submitting Under another volcano. Documentary produced by the newspaper Identity insurgents.

  • 20/03/2019
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March 27 at 17:30

"Under another volcano"
Museum Filangieri - Catania

After "Blood of a people" dedicated to San Gennaro (2017) and the relationship between the saint, Vesuvius and the people of Naples, Identity insurgents, news organization also engaged in documentary productions, this year moved to Catania. "Under another volcano" it is a documentary filmed in the town of Etna in 2018, in the days when there was the Festa di Sant'Agata. A direct testimony and lived in the city, to understand the reasons for an identity cult so strong and heard from other people living under a volcano, the people of Catania, and that makes it the third most important religious festival in the world, with one million of people who come each year to participate. What makes it so strong this time of devotion? At this the documentary "Under another volcano"Tries to give answers, recounting the days of the festival, and telling Agata Catania and through interviews with religious, archaeologists, art historians. But even craftsmen, artists and performers who are recovering and reprocessing elements of identity.
We'll talk, comparing the devotion of the people of Catania to that of the Neapolitans, the two peoples Vulcans South, 27 March at 17:30 in the beautiful scenery of the Filangieri Museum, which houses among others a painting of St. Agatha signed Andrea Vaccaro and has a room called Sala precisely Agata:

Paolo Iorio director of Museo Civico Gaetano Filangieri and director of Museum of St. Gennaro Treasury.
Lucilla Parlato Director of insurgents Identity
Barbara Miletus, Writer, coauthor of the documentary and correspondent for Catania insurgents Identity
Matilde Russo, Art historian, Association Etna 'ngeniousa
The Oreste Basso, Archaeologist, Association Etna 'ngeniousa
It coordinates the debate Susy Martyr, Spokesman and adviser of the Executive Tourist Guides Association Campania
Followed by a screening of the documentary "Under another volcano."
Admission is free subject to availability.

Press office: Valentina Castellano

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