Candles and taralli blessed for San Biagio in Borgo Case Troiano Sunday 4 February from h.

  • 22/01/2018
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February 4, from h. 17,00 

The rite of San Biagio 

In the village houses Troiano

A basket with bagels, pastries and aniseed, devotional and beside the blessed candles, which will be used for the rite of blessing of the throat. Back next Sunday, February 4, from h. 17,00 rite ofSan Biagio Houses in Borgo Troiano, where, according to tradition, will set up the altar at the church of Holy Trinity, Open throughout the day, an event organized by Fontevecchia.
"The cult of San Biagio is strongly felt in Abruzzo, so that is the patron of Alanno, Bussi and Castiglione a Casauria, only in the province of Pescara - recounted the President of Luciano Troiano -. Not to mention that in Penne is venerated the skull of the saint, in the Cathedral of San Flaviano Giulianova has retained arm of San Biagio, Enclosed in a silver reliquary made in the shape of benedicente arm and with a palm between the fingers, the symbol of 1394 martyrdom.
And the tradition of the festival has spread to
Taranta Peligna, Where they prepare the 'panicelle', ie the loaves shaped like a hand that are distributed among the citizens, and, finally, in Lettomanoppello. Even Fontevecchia has always honored the anniversary of the patron saint of the throat, respecting a simple rite, but rooted for the party, called 'Biasciora'.
During the day is served, in the Holy Trinity church, an altar with the classics
bagels blessed. Beside the devotional basket are placedwhite candles, Also blessed the day before, ie Candlemas which falls on February 2, Popular Feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary and which also recalls the presentation at Temple of Jesus.
Usually the candles are used on
February 2in the procession that precedes the Mass, where the candle is the symbol of Christ 'light to illuminate the nations'. On the day of San Biagio the same as candles are used for the rite of blessing of the throat.
At the end of the day they are brought home, one for the family, where they are stored and switched to invoke divine protection during storms, hailstorms and other events for the protection of those who may be in dangerous conditions. In fact, every family tomorrow night will bring into your home a tarallo and a candle.
As always aim of the Association is to Fontevecchia
investigate and bring to light ancient customs and traditions, Traditions sometimes lost and instead had great meaning, ritual as well as religious, for our grandparents".
Participation, as always, Free.

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