Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Saturday, July 16, 2016



Saturday, July 16 celebrations in honor of Madonna del Carminein SS. Trinity in Borgo Case Troiano of Spoltore (DMV area -pe urban bus n. 24:04 / stop via France).

As per tradition, this year the Association Fontevecchia will honor the Madonna del Carmine: a very heartfelt celebration throughout the South.

  • at 20.00 Gregorian Mass sung to the Virgin of Carmel,
  • at 21.00 solemn blessing of the fire and, thereafter, bread with oil and tomato and red wine as it was used in the country to celebrate the celebration.

The Madonna del Carmine is always depicted with the Child Jesus in his arms and is holding the scapular. Often it is accompanied by the figure of St. Simon, who devoutly receive the dress in her hands. As for the clothes, it adorns the Carmelite colors, hazel and brown, or with the blue mantle. There is a coded posture, may appear seated on a throne, or standing on the clouds, he is crowned and carries a star on the shoulder. In some representation is surrounded by angels, pledged to pull out by the flames the souls in Purgatory.

The title comes from Mariano birthplace of the order which spread the cult. It is of Mount Carmel, a Palestinian mountain range on which for centuries climb hermits. The prophet Elijah was inhabitant of those places and he traces the prediction of the Virgin's glory. In his story, told in the Old Testament, First Book of Kings, we read how he went up into a mountain, after having ended the worship of Baal and have reassured King Ahab on the end of the drought, he would send his servant to check for seven sometimes the horizon, until the seventh "here is a cloud, small as a man's hand is rising from the sea". Just this little cloud, pregnant with humble but Providence was read, in the centuries to come as the allegory of Mary Most Holy, Mother of the Redeemer.

The advent of Christianity marked a radical turning point in the life of the mountain. Many more hermits went there to pray, and there came a cell of veneration for the Mother of God. It will, however, wait for the Crusades and the arrival of Westerners for the establishment of the Monastic Rule (XII Sec.) And aggregation as the a single order. the Rule was approved later by Pope Honorius III in 1226.

The 'all-important event, though, is the apparition of the Blessed Virgin to St. Simon Stok prior general of the order. Surrounded by light and angels, the Virgin appeared to monaco with Baby Jesus in her arms and gave him the scapular, promising solemnly to those who would wear devoutly protection and deliverance from the flames of purgatory on the first Saturday after death.

But bring the scapular should not be considered as a magic ritual or an amulet. And 'how to put on a new dress, and consecrate themselves to recognize the son of Mary. The graces given to those who over the centuries has piously worn are endless. It consists of two strips of cloth connected by a cord, the fabric is embroidered or painted the Marian effigy or even the monogram.

In Naples, every year, on July 15, during the celebrations in honor of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, takes place the traditional fire simulacrum of the bell tower. When both started this tradition is not known, but we know that already at the time ofmasaniello, It was customary to fake an attack on a wooden fort built in market Squareand then close the representation with the burning of the same. Masaniello, he was one of the leaders oflazzariwho attacked the fort, and his revolt began precisely during the preparations for the Feast of Mount Caramel. During the reign ofBourbon, The sovereigns of Naples omaggiavano the Virgin, giving every year two barrels of gunpowder for outdoor performances. In the last century, the festival drew crowds from all over the city and the province, were the characteristics of the vendors stallsimpepate mussels, watermelons, and above all the tarallo domestic tradition of the neighborhood.

At 22:00 on July 15 will turn off the lights of the square, and starts the show: colorful pinwheels draw the attention of those present, then the colored flares with the inscription Napoli devoted to the Madonna Bruna remind the viewer that the spectacle belongs to the people, and so it begins the burning of the Campanile. A rocket called the technicians' or sorece (the rat) part from the adjacent terrace to hit the floor of the bells, and in a flurry of explosions begins the fire: the colored rain coat the entire mass of the Campanile and brighten the day square, then between puffs of fire and explosions illuminates the cross atop the church tower located at 75 meters high and so, while the raging fire, a bright star fetches the image of the Madonna, which, going up to the bell tower , tamed and put out the fires.

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