San Panfilo Bishop a cult of identity and ancient

"San Panfilo Bishop A cult identity and ancient"

Thursday, May 5 to 17 

Church of San Panfilo


The cult of San Panfilo in Longobardia Maior and Minor, at the time the Duchy of Spoleto and the principality of Benevento, in which the Abruzzo was divided by membership. A figure, which is linked to the central Italian fortification process, long before other bishops Saints. And 'the study contained in the book"San Panfilo Bishop A cult identity and ancient" to be presented Thursday, May 5 at 17 in the church of San Panfilo Spoltore, Just outside Pescara. Author of the work is theProfessor Mariaconcetta Nicolaiwhich, for some time, is leading, forward studies on both the life of the patron saints in Abruzzo that the holy bishops. "Panfilo we only transuntum sixteenth of a lost medieval codex, in which it is difficult to distinguish the original drawing - Nicolai says in the preface - In this scenario San yacht plays a leading role that must be examined by the disciplinary coordinates historical anthropology of the ancient world".
The book contains a preview of the translation of "Legendario the regular Dobbeken Canon" in Bavaria fourteenth century that reveals the secrets of Panfilo the Lombards from the year to the place of his birth, the family conditions, an ecclesiastical career and the question of name: in those days, in fact, had to be rather unusual call Panfilo in peligna with a reference to the cult of Pamphilus of Caesarea, particularly venerated in the East. In short, it will be the occasion in which will be revealed many details, so many details that were likely to be lost with the passage of time. A realjourney through history They will know how when the cult of San Panfilo arrived in Spoltore.
Will present the mayor of Spoltore Luciano Di Lorito and the President of the Municipal Council Lucio Matricciani that will lead the civic administration's greeting,  Don Rinaldo Lavezzi parish priest of San Panfilo, Bishop Tommaso Valentinetti Archbishop of the diocese of Pescara-Penne, Antonio Varrasso historian and biographer, the publisher Amedeo Ranghelli and journalist Luciano Troiano, Italian Catholic Press Union secretary for the Abruzzo region, who will moderate the meeting.

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