Borges ritorna negli Abruzzi. Due giorni per celebrare il legittimista catalano.

7-8 December 2018: BORGES BACK IN ABRUZZI.


The Fontevecchia Association participates, as every year, the event that the Institute of Historical Research of the Two Sicilies, which is preparing to celebrate the role of General José Borges, Catalan Legitimist arrived in the Two Sicilies to restore the lost Kingdom.
Friday 7 and Saturday, December 8 two days of celebrations and events. As a reminder of the events of the expedition will be Valentino Romano, Author of the book "From Calabria to Abruzzi" recently given to the press for the D'Amico Publisher.
The book will be presented Friday, December 7 at 16:30 at the Council Chamber of the City of Sante Marie with the author's work, the publisher Vincenzo D'Amico and Professor Maria Ornella Crystals Farese, Organizer of the event wanted by the late John Salemi and implemented in collaboration with the municipality of Sante Marie, the local Pro Loco and the association identity Alta Terra di Lavoro, whose president is the friend legitimist Claudio Saltarelli.
The Saturday morning will be dedicated to visiting the Museum of Banditry and the two historical celebrations.
The first in Cascina Mastroddi, the house where José Borges was captured a few kilometers from the border with the Papal State entrusted to the President of the Institute,Fernando Riccardi; and second, in Tagliacozzo, at the bust dedicated to Borges in the place of his execution entrusted to Claudio Saltarelli.
Departure from Pescara at 15 on 7 December and return in the evening.

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