The Pulcinella di Fontevecchia in Naples for the sixth edition ‘O Ghinnéss ss Saturday 5th May

Saturday, May 5

From 10:30 am

Old Naples Old Town 

New appointment in the heart of Naples for Fontevecchia Association. The Society of Fontevecchia Pulcinella will participate in the sixth edition of 'O Ghinnéss, an event organized by the CulturalMastroMasielloMandolino with the Associazione Onlus iSedilidiNapoliwhich will take place Saturday, May 5, from 10.30 in the old historic center of Naples and ends in front of the Royal Palace. This is the most important event that gathers the highest number in the world of mandolin players and parking attendants. But what is the Neapolitan parked? It 'a walking music group or even the place where he stopped to play a band. The word derives parked, of course, from "puosto" which is the place occupied by those who carry out an activity that is directed to the public. The vendors, for example, occupy a permanent place on the public highway so it is easy to talk about '' or puosto d '' orverdummaro "or other sellers. Today is not easy to find a group of four or five people that play and one of them sings, as well as in the tradition of parking attendants. Today, in general, the posteggia consists of one person playing normally, guitar or mandolin and at the same time singing. Sometimes the valets are two. But back to the event, which this year is dedicated to the mask of Pulcinella. The initiative comes just as contribution to the UNESCO recognition of Pulcinella mask as a world heritage site. For some time, in fact, it was initiated a request to that effect by a number of associations Neapolitan will of Professor Domenico Scafoglio, Professor of Cultural Anthropology at the Faculty of Education at the University of Salerno, signed request, Abruzzo from Fontevecchia associations and Walking Together Onlus.
Saturday, May 5 colored Pulcinella, commanded by Chief Angelo Iannelli, animate the streets of the old town, they will walk along Via Toledo intersection with Spaccanapoli, accompanied by the music of mandolins and the posteggia groups, until you reach the Royal Palace in Piazza Plebiscito . It is a unique event of its kind, which we are honored to participate in the reconstruction of cultural relations between Abruzzo and Naples, aimed at all those who love music and Neapolitan traditions, music lovers of all kinds and origin, and no age limit. Godfather artistic de 'O Ghinnéss will Gragnaniello Enzo.
The Fontevecchia Association is honored to be invited to Naples, after the great success of "The procession of the Friars Dead" which was held on 10 November forever in the historical center, with patronage of the town of Naples.
A number of names have given That Their support. We report the other associations, as well Fontevecchia such folk group The Guarracini, Alta Terra di Lavoro, Vico Pazzariello with 'O Captain Angelo Picone, Miryam's Harmony Group with Lara Corace, Vintage Fantasies Luisa Tranchino, the valets near the crib, Gennaro Buccino Palace Venice, I Petranera, Chief Pulcinella Angelo Iannelli, Master Barbaro Romeo tammurriello Enzo Esposito, Alfredo Imparato, Pignalosa Carmine Salvatore Monopoli, Tonino Torino, Lucia Oreto and Goofy Noviello. The event will be Followed by photographers Ferdinando Kaiser, Louis Wealth. Lia Nasti and Marcello Erardi.

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Starting from 11.00 Via San Giovanni Maggiore Pignatelli 5, Naples:

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