• 29/04/2017
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Fontevecchia THE FEAST OF MAJO

Monday, 1 May 2017, h. 10,30

Piazza San Giustino in Chieti

The Majo: a wonderful party, full of meaning, a hymn to life that is always reborn, strong and relentless, overwhelming.
This year the Fontevecchia Association, in collaboration with the Association Friends Walking Together, Majo will participate in the festival that takes place in the streets of the old town of Chieti.
The colorful parade, festive, noisy and music, will leave from Piazza San Giustino Monday, May 1 ° to 10.30, in the heart of the capital teatino to get to the Villa Comunale to 13.00 where it will end with Abruzzo's traditional songs and dances, the Majo burning of the puppet and the country snack.
The festival has its origins from the ancient Romans Floralia with lavish banquets celebrating the return of warm weather, devoted to the goddess Flora offerings of milk and honey to make a benevolent and generous nature of rich harvests. The agro-pastoral societies of our region has taken up this legacy and in some areas these traditions are still performed.
It is a celebration of nature is reborn in harmony with man: the festive procession includes groups of men and women in traditional Abruzzo dress embellished with colored ribbons representing the shoots of the new season, bearing in her arms with flowers beams collected in their gardens, wearing a straw hat too flowery.
There are also young men dressed in tunic and bringing offerings: one of them plays the Majo wearing a conical hat covered with flowers. In addition to the traditional songs and dances, it will be performed the dance of woven pile, real rite, the success of which depended on the performance of nature and was also collected as a propitiatory ritual burning of the puppet whose ashes were scattered in fields to fertilize them. It 'a piece by Antonio De Nino of 1881 to tell in verse the tradition of pantomime Months whose song Sunday will cheer the procession of people together to dance twisted pole, which is performed by eight pairs. The Association Walking Together for nearly a decade, repeats these important traditions, to revitalize them and pass them on to the new generations with the involvement of schools and sure to renew the sense of continuity between the urban society of today and roots.
We look forward to share the joy of this Feast.
To leave together from Pescara: Tel. 331/6796820
To participate in the snack Majo: Tel: 329/6285924

About Us

The committee for the establishment of the Fontevecchia Association was formed in 2010 and is an active part of civil society with interventions relating to the environment, mobility, knowledge and integration. The purpose of the association, in addition to the protection of traditions, the territory and the aesthetic redevelopment of the village born in 1600, is articulated on a wide range of interventions.