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press conference tomorrow on Billboard presentation 'Spoltore E' Christmas'

"# SpoltoreèNatale: Gospel concerts, orchestras, Christmas tales for children, touring shows, cribs, art shows, bingo and then the launch event #aspoltoreilcapodannocominciaprima, A show that December 30 will advance twenty-four hour party last year with a very special toast dedicated to spoltoresi. Are just some of the ingredients of Christmas 2016, a rich program of events and initiatives that will accompany the city from December 8 to January 6, ie in the most magical time of year. " At present the program of events were the mayor of Spoltore Luciano Di Lorito, the managing director Francesca Sborgia and the President of the proposer Fontevecchia, Luciano Troiano.
"For years - she said the mayor Di Lorito - try to compose a homogeneous program of events related to Christmas and that are able to act as a reminder, with particular emphasis on our historic downtown. This year we have received a proposal by the Fontevecchia operating for years in our country and we have received a proposal that offers a calendar of 20 events over 30 days of holidays, taking in some way also the leitmotif that has characterized the Ensemble Spoltore 2016 Spoltore or enhancing the brand and some typical places, such as the House of Culture, the Library, and squares. The initiatives will be mainly directed to children, the real protagonists of Christmas, which we want to give the dream, the anxiety of waiting, which should characterize their age, we want to cultivate their imagination, imagination, involve them in what is by definition the most magical time of year. At the same time we want to keep it tight bond with tradition and with the spiritual sphere of Christmas, which still must be the party of the family, to live together, a party that we, municipal administration, we want to live with the great family of Spoltore, involving local artists and the various fractions of the city ". Tomorrow will begin the preparation, in piazza Di Marzio, the largest institutional Christmas tree, 7 meters in addition to a base, reaching 9 meters high, which will be set up with the typical decorations. Four key dates: "We will start as in the classic tradition of the December 8, the day - added the managing director Sborgia - when, accompanied by the sound of Bagpipes and Santa Claus, at 19, we will focus in Piazza Di Marzio, where with the people we will start at power tree and lights, and where there will be an extraordinary concert of Gospel Choir directed by Maestro Andrea Zappone, between light and spectacular projections. Then 23 December: Christmas nell'antivigilia, the Church of San Panfilo host the String Orchestra Concerto dei Duchi d'Acquaviva of Atri directed by Maestro Nataliya Gonchak, with Christmas music and classical music, starting at 21, and we purposely chose the evening hours, with very kind collaboration of Monsignor Gino Cilli, and we thank them for allowing us the use of the Church, to encourage the participation of citizens, just after dinner time, in order to spend a few hours music and joy. Third highlight will be given on December 30, so the New Year's eve, when we have reserved a play-surprise in Piazza Di Marzio for citizens who will go under the ashtag#aspoltoreilcapodannocominciaprimaOr in Spoltore we will start the countdown to the arrival of 2017 from 48 hours before, anticipating a little 'the festivities of New Year with music and cheers, another event to which we invite all. Finally, we close with Epiphany and will square of Belvedere to welcome the arrival of the Epiphany, in the morning, accompanied by goblins and elves of solidarity, to bring their gifts to the children. But not enough: of course the Christmas period will be characterized by moments of celebration and gathering we're going to reveal day after day, even through the facebook page 'Spoltore is Christmas': we have art exhibitions in the House of Culture and nativity scenes on display in the library; allestiremo Santa's House in which, Saturday, Dec. 10, all children will be able to bring their letters with their dreams; we gospel concerts and musical moments that, on December 20, will involve the choir Poliphonia of Spoltore, conducted by Golini; we will have the afternoons dedicated to snack with Santa Claus and with the reading of the most beautiful Christmas fairy tales; we gastronomic surprises to be enjoyed together. December 22 will be the Big Sports Day, which will carry out at the Sports Palace with the performance of all the sports groups of Spoltore, an event organized with the support Councillor Loris Masciovecchio sport ". Shows and events will also involve fractions, namely Santa Teresa, Villa Raspa and Caprara, with magic shows, with lots of bingo for children and adults. And on December 27 will take place the traditional Cavaticchi Living Nativity. "We are proud that our proposal has been accepted by the city council - said the President of Fontevecchia Troiano Luciano - and are working to make sure to provide a Christmas of joy, participation, to live from the heart."
Spoltore, December 6, 2016 

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