The Fontevecchia Association will be present in Sante Marie, a small town in the province of Aquila (province of Abruzzo Additional II, District of Avezzano, the district of Tagliacozzo) A few kilometers from the border with Lazio, to commemorate the heroic sacrifice of General Carlist José Borjes. To remind the council of Sante Marie led by Mayor Lorenzo Berardinetti that, for over ten years, is organizing the commemorative event whose promoter is the Commendatore Giovanni Salemi, President of the Institute of Historical Research of the Two Sicilies and the Cultural captain G. De Mollot - hero of the Volturno. 
In the afternoon of Wednesday, December 7, 2016, at 16.00 at the council hall of the municipality of Sante Marie, will be held the conference "The general Börjes legitimism within the pro-Bourbon" attended by Mayor Lorenzo Berardinetti, John Salemi, the writer Fernando Riccardi, the scholar Maria Ornella Crystals and the journalist Luciano Troiano; themed songs will be read by the researcher Maria Elena Farese. As part of the event will be presented the novel by Maria Scerrato "Broom Flowers Women bandits along the border 1864-1868", the writer has already been present at the event Nights of Brigante which takes place every year on the first weekend of August in Troiano houses Spoltore (Pe).
In the day Immaculate Conception, national holiday of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, Thursday, December 8, there will be a part of "Military" event.
At 10 am there will be a visit to the Museum of Banditry and, at 11, in front of the Cascina Mastroddi, in the town Luppa, will be hoisted the flag of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, holding a brief speech by the comm. Salemi and finally deposed, at 12.30, a laurel wreath at the memorial that commemorates the capture and killing of the general Catalan. 
Flowers are then placed in Tagliacozzo also in front of the bust of General Carlist made by duke Massimo Patroni Griffi of Roscigno, Justice Knight of the Order of Constantine and inaugurated in 2012.

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