Micheline terracotta Nativity scene

The terracotta Nativity in Fontevecchia

 "A crib with artisan craftsmanship terracotta statues, the work of Tuscan artists, donated to Fontevecchia, enclosed in a cave built entirely by hand, made in ancient warehouse in rispristinato wood oven. And 'the work which will be opened and enlightened, as usual, in the occasion of the celebration in the Village Homes Association Troiano in via Valle Carbone. The appointment with the terracotta crib is by now a tradition. The cave which will contain 9 terra cotta statues will be enhanced with the exclusive use of local natural materials such as branches of olive, oak, fig, acacia, elder, laurel, quince and pyracantha; trees that are specific to the spoltorese countryside, respecting the site and to remain faithful to the ancient traditions that have always characterized the work of local craftsmen. The Nativity, will be installed in the warehouse of the oven in front of the headquarters of the Association and will be lit up as usual for the day of the remaining set up for citizens and school visits. Around the crib will also come to the Christmas ceremony that Fontevecchia Association has scheduled that the blessing of the flags of the ancient Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, which took place on the day of the Immaculate Conception, the realm national holiday and the lighting of a bonfire as they did our fathers and grandfathers referring to an ancient rite handed down by their ancestors.
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