The BOARD of the DEAD on November 1 at homes Troiano

There 'table of the dead'

Tuesday 1 November 2016


Borgo Case Troiano

A long journey that, between stories, traditions and symbols, will accompany the audience of 'Table of the Dead'Or the rediscovery of the ancient tradition of Abruzzo to leave prepared the house on the night table between the first and November 2 with the best peasant dishes, from egg macaroni made by hand to baked chicken with potatoes, up to wine and dessert, to welcome and make more serene passage of the souls of their dead in the night, it is said , they return to find loved ones and loved ones.

It is an event organized for the evening next Tuesday, November 1, by the Fontevecchia in Spoltore and to be held in Borgo Case Troiano near the engine.

"We must say - he explained Luciano Troiano, President of Fontevecchia - that our event is totally different from the Halloween festivities, however, are not of our history nor our culture, but rather went to supplant our tradition which wanted you dedicate the night between 1 and 2, that is, between All Saints and celebration of the dead, just the commemoration and prayer for the souls of our loved ones who are no longer our other side.

With The Table of the Dead we want to tell the younger and bring to light an important tradition for our history, indeed a duty to honor in the most fair, respectful and timely those people who have been part of our lives and that in that night, according to tradition, they return in their homes for a brief moment.

The event, Organized in collaboration with the association Blessed Marco d'Aviano, which is Fontevecchia partners, It will start at 19.30 o'clockbefore the seat of the vehicle registration, which will be distributed to the participants, the candles and begin the path of tradition with the story of what happens on that night. to begintell the story of the well in place of warriors, located in what is now an embankment-roundabout and where historically they watered soldiers and brigands, the camp of the Spanish riders for decades, between five hundred and six hundred, was within walking distance.

So with only the light of the candles We incamminerà towards Borgo Case Troiano, Following a path bordered by candles, and with a few breaks, each of which will feature a story about the events and personalities that have characterized the life of the place.

Along the street of the village tell the history of the procession of the dead brothers who will be present, taking care not to look into their eyes, the "bones in the vutate lope de lo ', ie the discovery of human bones following implantation of vineyards and olive groves, bones that are still suspect the presence on site of a 'burial ground even Roman or medieval times.

Under the trees will be told the story of "the mazzamurille"in the hope that on is to disturb the present. Then we will visit the altar of popular devotion with a print coming from the altar of the Intercession of the Sibenik cathedral and pezzentelle souls or the souls in Purgatory.

still other stories Space along the way and visit the first house: the outside of each house there will be some symbols, like the wheat bag or inverted broom and, every time, we will explain the reasons for those presences that sink in the Abruzzo tradition. "

obviously also the tables will be laden according to local customsWith ham and cheese, macaroni with tomato sauce, chicken and potatoes, water, wine, bread, coffee, biscuits, pastries and fruit.

But the distinction is that the food, however, may not be eaten, because the set table must accommodate the souls who will spend the night from the kitchen and they will regain, as tradition, the much-loved dishes in life.

And in fact, in ancient times, the families the following day destined only food to the poor and the opportunity will talk about the refrigerium that, from the pagans, and come down to the present day.

During the evening you can pay homage to the Holy Trinity Church, Located in the village, and will operate as normal, and residents of the village tell stories about the people who historically inhabited the place, as 'The tables Grandmothers Filumene', 'Zi Pippine "' and 'The windows of BED retina'.

After the event, a surprise intervention Pulcinella whose presence will be explained to all participants prior to bidding penitential food, which is also strictly respectful of tradition, or  'Grain of the dead', ie boiled wheat with nuts, pomegranate and boiled must, boiled beans, chickpeas abbruscati, chicocce and patane and red wine.

Those present will have the opportunity to rediscover a tradition spread throughout the south up to the 50s, and that unfortunately has been lost. Then, before midnight, all at home with three sent to the front door to prevent pantefiche mazzamurille and not to make us spend a quiet night.

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