Party in 2016

Saturday, August 27, 2016

farmyard feast

As per tradition, the Association Fontevecchia, celebrating the performance of summer activities with a big dinner for all members and friends who, in the course of the year, took part in numerous initiatives.
2016 calendar is particularly rich and has seen the association engaged in Chieti, Torrevecchia, Matera, Campobasso, Naples and Loreto just to mention some of the cities that have vito Fontevecchia work and initiatives related to the world of folk traditions.
So many, yet the events planned until the end of 2016: the visit to Pompeii scheduled for Sunday, October 9, the Table of the dead with the visit of the tables laid in honor of the dead on November 1, the classic San Martino of the robbers' November 11, where you will taste the extra virgin olive Fontevecchia just produced with tales of tradition and an oil taster course to get to the December 6 with St. Nicholas and its bagels, the terracotta crib and bonfires for the day December 8, Immaculate, to December 13 where we will honor Saint Lucia with the rite lustrale Eye and the offer of cuccìa, Mass on Christmas morning and the singing of the Te Deum on 31 December.
In short, many initiatives to keep alive the traditions and transmit our history.
All thanks to the work of Fontevecchia members who give of their time, resources and knowledge without any profit-making.
Eg information and participation in the dinner on August 27, call 331/6796820.

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