St. John the Baptist feast colure 23/June 24, 2016

FEAST solstice 23/24 June 2016

Thursday, June 23, from 18.30, back to tradition "The night of St. John the Baptist - solstice Festival 23/24 June 2016" Borgo Case Troiano (Pe). A program full of tradition, history and magic. It starts at 18.30 with the seminar "St. John the Baptist, the saint of light by the therapist Patrizia Primiterra; at 19.00 Mass celebrated by Father Vincenzo Di Marcoberardino, pastor of Our Lady of Seven Sorrows Basilica. The function will be held in the yard of the village to encourage public participation, this year, is expected to be large. To 20.00 from the church of the village, will start the procession with the statue of St. John the Baptist brought on by the Brotherhood fercola San Francesco Caracciolo attended by delegations of other brotherhoods from Abruzzo. The statue of the saint will make a short stop in front of the altar, devotional and popular which is made by the women of the village and then continue the journey to the fields where it will be a fire that will be blessed by the priest. The procession with the participation of members of the Society Traditions Teatine, which Fontevecchia, adheres, whose components will parade in traditional Abruzzese dress accompanied by the sound of ddubbotte of worship Graziani teacher and his students. Immediately after the blessing there will be dances and folk songs, and dinner where everyone can take part in traditional country dishes. Among foods and dances there will be room for the arrival of Salome and the dance of the seven veils, theatrical adaptation of Oscar Wilde's work by Stefano Angelucci of the Sangro Theatre. Here we are at the much-anticipated rites of the night of the solstice: the jump of the fire by the bravest, the water rite comparatico and exchange of ramajetti, the traditional route to the Fern circle. Waiting for dawn who will be able to sleep in tents or in the church, on the benches, as was the custom in the countries of Abruzzo and, at the rising of the sun, it will roll in the grass for a beneficial contact with the water of San John and you will wet your face with the dew of the reeds as the sun rises. A unique event on the night of the solstice which is impossible to miss. Info: 331/6796820.
St. John's night here is the guide to the ancient magical rites  
Francesco Stoppa *
* (Lecturer d'Annunzio University of Chieti, director of the Regional Anthropology Centre for Tourism, Department of Psychological Sciences, Humanities and the Territory)
The feast of St. Johnis the most ineffable and difficult to describe and interpret, but it has a charm that emanates from the property to establish a link between individuals. God forgives St. John, no! This popular certainty goes beyond the good conditions of the Christian faith by drawing on a concept by the iron laws of Nature.
Ramjetto e Kprtiko. In June solstice shake the bonds that will serve us for the rest of the year and of life and especially in the most difficult moments. This is a special day when you have to be kind to others, but the choice must be prudent and balanced.
How does it do cronies? There does one flower cronies, Lu Sand 'Juvann'. Get Mo ramajette nine magical herbs such as St. John's wort yellow and mysterious flower wrapped by hand tightening and binding, made from the leaf of the fern.
Water and fire. In the evening, bonfires are lit and the new parents jump the fire. Attizz 'foch', ar'mur 'foch ... People bathe in the river and in the sea, water ca' llav ', water ca' squaij
predictions. Aspergi and combs his hair with the dew collected on the leaves of the reeds like those will be prosperous and long kissed by the moon that is born. Among the auspices clear egg casting and made curdle in the glass exposed to the moon rays on the windowsill. Today the day is also right to collect the pebbles in the crossroads which then serve, along with the salt and the other magic ingredients for Mo breh 'pe' Criatura ca dda nasc '. In San Giovanni we nocino but under the walnut we dance the witches ..., attentive when catches them. 24 half-green and fresh walnuts in a liter of brandy, sweet exotic spices and sugar to your taste, 40 days in the sun ... and then adjusts it's too witty and hiding for a year in the cellar. It will drink next year, magical liquor and beneficial most of all.
The fairytale. The forest is dark, a brave enters the clearing that only a ray of light illuminates. There is a plant that shines, covered with dew drops as if they were diamonds, as not recognize? The flower of the male fern miraculously flourishes tonight. If you would like her magical powers that cure all ills you have to be quick to catch him, but watch out! Trace the magic circle around you and the flower waiting to be opened completely, but if you do not turn to you a dear voice calls ... the devil tries, if you turn it over for you but if you resist and do not you turn around, seize magic flower and your life will be beautiful.

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