Historical reenactment of the contract between San Gennaro and the city of Naples

  • 14/09/2023
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It was the year 1527 when the City of Naples, exhausted by a siege by the French army; shaken by continuous earthquakes and with a rampant epidemic perhaps caused by the poisoning of the water caused by the besiegers, decided in a general assembly of the Elect of the six Seats; Capuana, Nido, Montagna (which also included Forcella), Porto, Portanova and Popolo, to turn to San Gennaro with the decision to stipulate a real notarial contract with the Patron Saint: in exchange for Salvation, the whole City would erect a new and larger chapel where the Holy Relics and the Treasure are kept. Thus it was and the Most Excellent Chapel of the Treasure of San Gennaro was born.
Under the aegis of the "UNESCO promoting committee for the candidacy of the cult and popular devotion of San Gennaro in Naples and in the world" born in 2020 on the initiative of the Archdiocese of Naples, the LUPT of the Federico II University, the ICOMOS, the Deputation of the Chapel of the Treasure of San Gennaro, of the San Gennaro Diocesan Committee, of the Diocesan Museum, of the Fare Chiesa e Città Foundation, as well as of Sebeto APS, Ferrante Sanseverino Foundation and Associazione I Sedili di Napoli ONLUS, returns for its sixth edition, the event: “1527 When Naples made a Vow to San Gennaro”, with the moral patronage of the Municipality of Naples and the Cervantes Institute in Naples which for this 2023 edition is enriched not only by the now traditional large historical procession of the Elect of the Seats also of a spectacular knightly art. “La Giostra del carusiello” which was a very popular race especially in the Spanish era and was held in honor of the Patron Saint.

The event which will see the participation of around 200 re-enactors, is also included, thanks to the new partnership with the L. Einaudi Int. Cultural Center of San Severo di Foggia, Prof. Rosa N. Tomasone, national coordinator of the Cultural itinerary, "The Ways of Charles V" certified by the Council of Europe and is a candidate to become the official historical re-enactment of the City of Naples which, unlike other large Italian cities, does not enjoy its own specific popular moment of Identity .
The event will move with the historical procession from the Basilica del Carmine Maggiore Sanctuary at 4pm on Saturday 16 September and will move through Piazza Mercato to Via Casciari al Mercato, Via Colletta, Rione Forcella, in the square of the Cathedral, Duomo of Naples where at 5.30 pm there will be the story dramatized by Angelantonio Aversana, of the signing of the notarial contract with San Gennaro and the City. At the end, the procession will resume its route along Via Tribunali with a stop in front of Castel Capuano where Francesco Totaro, vice-president of the Einaudi Centre, which organizes the Charles V procession, will act as "host" in the continuation of the event which will take us from this symbolic place up to Piazza Mercato around 6.30 pm to recall the Triumph of Charles V who entered Naples in 1535.

In Piazza Mercato, where a small educational market of ancient professions will be set up (carpenter, painter, herbalist and fortune teller), animated by popular dances and music, the Giostra del Carusiello will finally be held.

Great participation from historical re-enactment associations which we would like to thank: “L. Einaudi International Cultural Center” of San Severo (FG); “Santa Maria del Rovo Pistonieri Association” of Cava de’ Tirreni; “La Compagnia d’Arme La Rosa e la Spada” of Naples; the Association “The Knights of the White Parchment” of Cava de’ Tirreni; the “Vita Antiqua” association of Sant'Angelo d'Alife (CE); and the Neapolitan associations “La Paranza di Marcello Colasurdo”; the “Gruppo Popolare Terra e Lavoro”; the “Echi del Mediterraneo dance group” and the “Base Condor” Civil Protection and Environmental Guards Association, “Napoli è – Naples Seats Museum” Association, Fontevecchia Association of Spoltore (Pe).
Any re-enactors on a single or associated basis who would like to participate in this great event can join upon communication, via e-mail to:isedilidinapoli@libero.it
“I Sedili di Napoli-Onlus”, coordinator of the event, thanks those who collaborated in the best outcome and in particular the Major Events Office of the Municipality of Naples; the Councilor for Productive Activities, Legality and Tourism of Municipality 2, Lorenzo Iorio; the U.O. San Lorenzo of the Local Police and the Vicaria Mercato State Police Station. And finally, the “Botteghe di San Gregorio Armeno” and “Locanda del Seggio del Popolo” Association for sharing the San Gennaro Agenda of the UNESCO Promoting Committee.

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