Giuseppe Fioroni in Spoltore for the presentation of the book "Moro - The case is not closed - The untold truth"

Thursday 6 June 2019, h. 18.00 - Council Chamber of the Municipality

Thursday 6 June , at 6 pm, in the council hall of the Municipality of Spoltore (Pe), the book "Moro - The case is not closed - The unspoken truth" by Maria Antonietta Calabrò and Giuseppe Fioroni, President Commission of inquiry on abduction and on death of Aldo Moro.
 Fioroni, a member of the Democratic Party parliamentarian, former mayor of Viterbo and Minister of Education with Romano Prodi, will talk about his work as commission president and what emerged from reading the documents. Along with Giuseppe Fioroni, the mayor of Spoltore, Luciano Di Lorito, the President of the Regional Council, Lorenzo Sospiri, Monsignor Gino Cilli, Spoltore's councilor for culture, Roberta Rullo, moderates journalist Luciano Troiano, deputy editor of the newspaper. Insurgent Identity.
 & quot; Moro - The case is not closed - The untold truth & quot; by Maria Antonietta Calabrò and Giuseppe Fioroni is a source of documents and facts which, in the light of the final report of the commission of inquiry of December 2017, gives greater clarity on what was the abduction and killing of Aldo Moro. The murder of the Christian Democrat statesman is the key to understanding not so much the armed struggle in Italy, but what was behind it and that came from far away over the years, even before the fact happened. We need to know what the 50/60/70 years were like in Italy to understand who we are today; this book is a piece of historical memory that sheds light on what started in Yalta in February 1945 and perhaps is not yet finished.
 The book scours the gargantuan documentation of the various processes and numerous parliamentary investigations into the Moro affair. The authors obviously have a very good understanding of the material and examine the twisted evidence and clues with extreme attention and objectivity.
 The Italians have always wondered if the real responsibility for Moro's death has been ascertained, just as the American people never accepted Lee Oswald's total responsibility in the Kennedy assassination.
 The authors argue convincingly that there was a murder, which was so much discovered and revealed but not all.
 Kidnapping the most eminent leader of the Republic, the Red Brigades hoped to plunge the political establishment into a crisis that would have led to its collapse. This did not happen, as this sober and thoughtful dossier explains carefully, but could it have done so? In a world where traditional democracies increasingly face the threat of terrorism, do we know what's around the corner? The book highlights the lights and shadows of the Italian judicial system, focuses on Christian Democracy and the role of Moro within it, and lists half a dozen influences on Italian politics - the Vatican, the Mafia, the United States, orders military and Masonic right-wing secretaries and foreign intelligence and terrorism organizations.
 There is no scandal in Italian political life, between the late 1970s and early 1990s, that has not been used in some way to explain the reasons for the kidnapping and murder of Aldo Moro. There was no serious, detached and neutral work on this topic. In this sense, Calabrò and Fioroni carried out their task with precision and objectivity, and the result is an exemplary report or, even better, a path that develops gradually through a jungle of theses and controversies.
 The tone of the text is calm, I would say low, fluid, a continuous present-past-present that flows in front of the reader without censorship, without interruption. And it explains a world that no longer exists but whose roots are still firm in today's society.
   Pecorelli writes on 2 May 1978 on Op: & quot; It is Yalta that decided Via Fani, the ambush bears the mark of a lucid superpower, the primary objective is to remove the PCI from the area of power in the moment in which he is about to take the last leap, to the direct participation in the government of the country. You don't want that to happen. (...) Once again, the

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