San Martino dei Briganti 2018

San Martino dei Briganti 2018

Sunday, November 11 from 16.00

Borgo Case Troiano of Spoltore (Pe)

Stories of brigands and Abruzzo Pescara, brigandage in Spoltore, the music and songs of the tradition with the presence of bagpipes and bagpipes musicians.
And again, the hagiography of the saint's life in the Abruzzo history as collected and narrated by historians As a child is Finamore with texts at the Florence National Library, told by academics.
The figure of Saint martin in popular representations, an extra virgin olive oil tasting course taught by Marino Giorgetti, The highest authority in the field of sensory analysis Ages.
Seminar on seasonal products with a workshop open to all present to illustrate the ancient knowledge handed down from mother to daughter, from our grandmothers, sweets such as poor "rivotiche" and "sgajuzze", the new wine tasting taught by nationally renowned sommelier.
This and much more for the seventh round of the San Martino dei Briganti organized as usual by 'Association Fontevecchia Spoltore (Pe).
The event, one of the most anticipated this year, will take place Sunday, November 11 in the village Troiano houses Spoltore (Pe) starting from 12.00.
The event will begin with a workshop held by the members of Fontevecchia during which will be taught how to make sweets poor of San Martino. Rivotiche, sgajuzze and the cake that bears the name of the saint in which dough is expected only cooked must instead of water. In the afternoon, at 17.00 after Mass in Latin inChurch of SS. Trinity and visiting popular devotional altar made from a warehouse of housing space to the songs of "The life of St. Martin"Whether dall'Agiografie of Saints, then it will be the turn of the panel leader for olive oil Marino Giorgetti that will keep the highly anticipated course for tasters Ages produced on site, explaining the methods and ways to recognize a good product from an adulterated or poorly maintained.
Afterwards there will still be room for tradition with the popular music of bagpipes, bagpipes and ddubbotte of I Gigli d'Abruzzo.
At the end of the event, will be prepared a table where everyone present will be able to enjoy, for free, the oil and the new wine, the "rivotiche" typical large pancakes made using flour and water; the dessert of San Martino whose mixture to the cooked must is used.
The event, which refers to the calendar cycle of peasant traditions, organized in collaboration with Blessed Marco d'Aviano, The Abruzzo Gigli is Bakery Giglio. Participation is FREE.

Info: 331/6796820

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