3-4-5 August 2018

Borgo Case Troiano of Spoltore (PE-motor area)

Nights of Brigante, the festival dedicated to Michelina Di Cesare, Reaches its eighth to be held from 3 to 5 AugustHouses next to Troiano of Spoltore (Pe). It will be, as we celebrate the150 years of the death of the robberParticularly rich guests, pageants and meetings and with particular attention to women.
 Friday, August 3After a series of events held during the year as a corollary of the event, the last being on June 24 last year on the occasion of St. John Baptist with the presence of the journalist and writer Magdi Cristiano Allam, Will kick off the most important event themed felonious on the Italian scene.
The first day will begin Friday 3 to 19 with the opening of Museum documents and Bourbon coins where they will conduct free tours with the guidance of the historian Raimondo D'Aragona and the painting exhibition "From Salento Abruzzo"Master Raphael Carluccio followed by a discussion meeting with the author of graphjic novel Massimo Carulli with his latest work: Sweet Title talking about issues related to travel and emigration. At 19.30 Jeremiah Mancini, Historian and researcher, will tell the "History of a trial and sentence of death Bonifacio Simonelli, a robber of Manoppello", will follow Franco Eugeni, Professor and chair dell'ApavAcademy Piceno Aprutina of veiled, with the volume "Lights and shadows of Vittorio Emanuele II Journey to the unification of Italy". Followed by a tribute to the bandit by the bagpipes deThe Abruzzo Gigli and the group's music Take it as it is, The most famous and important cover band Lucio Battisti. At midnight, as well as for other parties, it will be a bonfire where it can be doneoath of robber; is operational, also a border crossing, which will release all participants a "safe-conduct".
Saturday, August 4From 19, you can visit for free a faithful reconstruction the camp of the robbers and a Bourbon with army soldiers in period uniforms. at19,30 It will be held the meeting, moderated by journalist and author of The Time Utet Marco Freddowith Lorenzo del Boca, President emeritus of the National Order of Journalists, Mr Marco Rizzo is Giuseppe Serroni from The Naples Seats, Followed by the parade of soldiers in period dress, the playing of the real front of the monument to Michelina Di Cesare which is the only existing thanks to the association will Fontevecchia. Immediately after the music space with the rhythms of the SouthRipatemare with the overwhelming night of the bonfire pinches followed by the oath.
Sunday, August 5Only the classical tours of the camps and the museum, starting from 19, Will host the presentation of the journalist volume Fernando Riccardi, The first to discover and talk about the phenomenon of "land of fires". Riccardi will attend the festival in the role of historian and researcher with the volume dedicated toKlitsche de la Grande followed by the meeting with Lucilla Parlato director of the newspaper insurgents Identity is Frederick Hermann, Videomaker, always moderated by Marco Freddo is Licio Di BiaseDirector dell'Aurum of Pescara. On this occasion it will be presented directly by the Napoli Teatro Festival, the documentary film "Brother remember to Tina Pica"On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the death of the great Neapolitan actress. Followed by a concert by the Trio In-Popular with city nightTaranta. After the bonfire will be heldthe ammainabandiera.
As always it will be operating a books corner edited by Ruskin Library and you can dine on organic products.
Participation and entry at the festival are, as always, free.
The festival is easily accessible by the urban service of Your(Ex Gtm) with bus n. 4 / and n. 12 down to the DMV.
Info: 331/6796820


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