Sunday, June 24, 2018, by h. 18
Borgo Case Troiano, motor area (Pe)

"That's Saint John it is a magical night where moments of collective alternate with moments of great intimacy, which strengthens bonds of friendship through the exchange of 'Rmjetto', A bouquet composed of nine herbs (St. John's wort, bay leaves, sage, myrtle, fern, mint, rosemary, thyme and basil), but it also cleanses from your everyday life, taking part in the ritual of water and fire. The event, this year, it will take place inBorgo Case Troiano, Motor area (Pe), will enable everyone to rediscover customs and traditions, Those roots that have to be protected and handed down to avoid losing a real wealth of knowledge and knowledge ". 'The Night of Saint John'Organized Association Fontevecchia will kick off Saturday night June 23 with the collection of herbs and nuts and ends the next evening, as of June 24, Midsummer Day.
The feast of St. John is the most ineffable and difficult to describe and interpret, but it has a charm that emanates from the property to establish a link between individuals. 'God forgives, San Giovanni no'Our grandparents said, and this goes beyond good preconditions popular certainty of the Christian faith by drawing on a concept of Nature by strict laws. Maybe St. John is the oldestgod Januslooking to winter gone and summer arrives, the guardian of the passage and of the crops grown and blessed water and sunlight. But the rigor of Saint John is also one that requires awe and respect for these natural elements.
"The event will be organized by means of discussions, debates, sacred moments and rites which have their roots far, and we have recovered thanks to the story of our grandparents and elders of the village - said the President of Fontevecchia Luciano Troiano-. We leaveSaturday, June 23At night, with the collection of herbs to make ramajetto and nuts to prepare the walnut liqueur. Then, on the day ofSunday, June 24 There will be room for sacred and profane rites, ceremonies, dances, songs and traditional dinner "
just Sunday, June 24, at 18, It will open the celebrations with the opening of popular devotional altar, of which you will learn the meaning, set up in the village, with the image of Saint John mid '800 coming by Monaco of Bavaria; to18:30 there will be the celebration of Mass, In the ancient rite, followed at 19,30 from Procession with the statue of St. John the Baptist carried on the shoulders, this year, by the Brotherhood of St. Anthony of Padua Sant'Angelo City through the streets of the village along with the picture of the saint carried by a person drawn by lot who will wear gloves white and some blankets ancient Abruzzo. Once in the large garden of the village, the ceremony will end with the lighting and blessing of fire ". at20:00 It will take place on seminary with the journalist and writer Magdi Cristiano Allam, A friend of Fontevecchia, already present at the last edition of the Nights Brigante. At the end of the meeting room for the songs and dances of Abruzzo and South with the "In Trio - Popular" with the convivial, With dishes strictly respectful of tradition and seasonal crops. During dinner we will be accompanied by the music of our country. Soon after we will have theexchange of 'ramajetto'For the ancient ritual of 'comparatico', That our grandparents used to strengthen friendship and mutual aid relationships. So those who want to can share with your best friend a bouquet made of nine herbs along, those who want a rite. The program provides forthe ignition of the bonfire and who wants to can participate in the rites of the fire jumping, immersion in water, comparatico with the exchange of Ramajetti in what is a real traditional route.
During the evening we will have other moments, such as the lab nocino and the discovery of 'ancient predictions'related to dew and left the egg coagulate in the moonlight. " For the 2018 edition of the St. John's Day, the Fontevecchia Association has also registered the accession ofLiltthe Italian League Against Cancer, of the Associations Walking Together of Chieti, Pescara in the Heart is Our land.

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18.30 Mass 

19.30 Procession with the statue of
St. John the Baptist brought
shoulders by the Confraternity
Saint Anthony through the streets of the village 

20.00  Conference with Magdi Cristiano Allam

21.00  Blessing of the fire
and water

21.15  Songs, dances and typical dinner
traditional bonfire waiting

23.30  Jumping fire exchange
and the ritual of ramajetti

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