RESOLUTION OF MINUTES ASSOCIATION Fontevecchia No. 2 of January 2, 2019

No. 2 of January 2, 2019

Subject: Digital Signature. Acquisition USB stick at the Chamber of Commerce of Pescara.

In the year 2019, on January 2, at 19.00 in Spoltore, duly convened in accordance with Art. 12 of the current Articles of Association at the headquarters of Fontevecchia, it Fontevecchia's governing council met to discuss the next item on the agenda:

        1. Digital Signature. Acquisition USb stick at the Chamber of Commerce of Pescara;

The President, having established the legality of the composition of the Executive, opened the meeting and puts into question the point on the day in question indicated.

Given the Directive of the European Parliament on a Community framework for electronic signatures 1999/93 / EC; 

The L. 13/2000; 

Since Italy has complied with the Directive in 2002 with D. lg. January 23, 2002, n. 10 and today in the Digital Administration Code; 

Given the "Digital Administration Code" Legislative Decree no. 7 March 2005, n. 82 sm and / or i .; 

Given that the term digital signature into Italian law indicates a type of electronic signature, based on asymmetric cryptography, which is attributed to a particular probative value, such that they can equate, substantively, to the signature; 

Whereas it is appropriate that the legal representative of the Association Fontevecchia, Dr. Luciano Troiano, would sign the acts that affect community life in digital form; 

 the members present and voting as per the Articles of Association

a) The narrative is integral and substantial part of this act; 

b) To equip the Association Fontevecchia digital signature in the form "Fontevecchia Association President Dr. Luciano Troiano; 

c) To authorize the President of Fontevecchia to all consequential acts on the purchase of the aforementioned digital signature at the Chamber of Commerce of Pescara; 

d) To be published for 15 days in the association's board Fontevecchia copy of this Act; 

e) To have the copy of this release deliberative act to any member who requests it in writing; 

With separate vote 


The immediate enforcement of this Act. At 19.40 exhausted the topics of discussion, the Chairman declared closed the work and was admitted a new member to which the present formulate wishes for a fruitful and peaceful participation. Of the admission is noted with the regularization through registration on the register of shareholders. 

  The Secretary 


  The Treasurer

  Dr. Tino Troiano

  Dr. Luciano Troiano

  Dr. Raymond Riccinella 

Attached: RESOLUTION OF MINUTES Del COUNCIL OF ASSOCIATION Fontevecchia No. 2 of 2 January 2019 (pdf)

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